Why Top Water?

Top Water: Feel the Taste of Pure Freshness in Every Sip!"

Natural Origin

Fresh & Pure

Rich Minerals

Neutral pH Balance

Health-Conscious Choice

Ethiopian Heritage

Our Company

Established in 2018, Top Water is a leading name in Ethiopian bottled water production. With a robust capacity of 6,00,000 bottles annually, we operate five cutting-edge treatment plants. We are proud recipients of 19+ awards, a testament to our dedication to quality. Our success is driven by a skilled team of 461+ employees, committed to delivering the purest drinking experience. At Top Water, we blend innovation and integrity, ensuring every drop reflects our commitment to excellence.

Water Attribute

Top Water’s exceptional quality is defined by its precise chemical composition, meticulously balanced to provide the best drinking experience. With essential minerals like calcium (21.9 mg/ltr), magnesium (4.56 mg/ltr), and potassium (5.76 mg/ltr), our water promotes overall well-being. The balanced presence of sodium (8.3 mg/ltr), chlorides (2.32 mg/ltr), bicarbonate (18.2 mg/ltr), and sulfate (1.67 mg/ltr) ensures a harmonious taste profile. Our water boasts a neutral pH of 7.0, reflecting its pure and natural state. Each sip of Top Water encapsulates the perfect blend of minerals, making it a refreshing and health-conscious choice for consumers.


Top Water is dedicated to sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices into our core operations. Through efficient production methods, water conservation, and community engagement, we minimize our environmental impact. We invest in renewable energy and waste reduction, ensuring a greener footprint. Our commitment is clear: to preserve nature’s beauty for generations, making Top Water the sustainable choice for mindful consumers.

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